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Jean-Claude Beney

Jean-Claude Beney of Alevo Group SA

President of Alevo Group


“JC” was famously paid a generous $500,000 plus $300,000 bonus per year at this start-up that was just (mis?)using investor money (his employment contract was of course signed off by Jostein Eikeland with his single signatory authority). Made lots of promises about what the company would achieve, including at least 2,500 jobs in the USA, mostly in manufacturing (as seen on the launch video below).

Watch Jean-Claude’s star performance at the White House, promoting the (hardly existent?) Alevo Apprenticeship program which the company was pretending to be going to introduce in the USA.

Notable sections occur at 11:00 to 14:15 (nothing here talks about apprenticeships, unlike the other more notable guests) & 27:25 to 28:20.

Glad that the Chairman was proud of him going to the White House!


In December 2014 described Mr Beney as:

Bringing more than 20 years of global high-level management experience to Alevo, Jean-Claude Beney is responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations. For the past 6 years he was the CEO and Board Member of Ferton Holding, a Swiss industrial group. With his strong engineering background he has led international organizations, including large greenfield projects in Asia where he lived for 12 years. He has held CEO and board positions with international companies within the chemical, semiconductor and mechanical industries. He holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering/Automation and an MBA from Sydney University.

Jean-Claude Beney, Dr Rubar S Sandi & Jostein Eikeland of Alevo
Jostein (to the right) with his good friend Jean-Claude Beney (to the left). Together they payed themselves over $2 million yearly from a start-up company, using money raised from investors. In the centre is Dr Rubar S. Sandi of TSG Group who Jean Claude & Jostein arranged to have $1 million paid to in November 2014 “for the introduction and negociation (sic) of the best possible terms for the electrolyte plot of land in Switzerland“.

By February 2017 Jean-Claude Beney no longer appeared on, and we can deduce that he was dismissed. Problematically for the company, Jostein Eikeland had given him a generous contract which included a long termination period, and eventually they settled on paying him a $500,000 severance package. By that time it appears that Jean-Claude was busy working for Jostein’s next venture, EWL Technologies, anyway.

Jean-Claude Beney of Alevo at the White House
JC outside the White House! He was invited there during his time at Alevo.
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