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Jeff Gates

Former Vice President Sales, Alevo Energy

In January 2016 wrote of Jeff Gates

A pioneer in large-scale electricity storage projects across the United States, energy industry veteran Jeff Gates leads the Alevo sales team all the way from concept phase to final deployment. Recently appointed Chairman of the U.S. Energy Storage Association’s Board of Directors, Gates previously held a variety of leadership positions at Duke Energy, where he spearheaded numerous storage projects. For his largest effort, the Notrees Energy Storage Project at a windfarm in Texas — once the largest battery footprint in the U.S. at 36 megawatts of storage — Gates was honored for bringing that project in on time and on budget.

Jeff Gates was paid $360,000 with a 30% bonus provision and car allowance. Strangely enough his contract did not stipulate any severance terms. Other Alevo management received generous terms.

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