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Per Dybwad

Director, from March 2016 & also interim CEO from 2016

Per Dybwad was elected onto the board of ALEVO GROUP SA in March 2016. In May 2016 described him as:

An international business executive and start-up specialist with nearly 30 years in leadership roles, Dybwad brings vast experience in energy distribution and storage, environmental technology, materials science, financial services and consumer goods. As senior director of business development at Maxwell Tech. SA, Dybwad led the Swiss company’s high voltage operations, including expansion to China. As CEO and Director of Dentware Scandinavia, Dybwad continued his long association with specialty metals. A former Lieutenant in the Royal Norwegian Navy, he holds an MBA with Honors, from the International Institute for Management Development.

Per Dybwad in a photo taken from

Whilst acting as interim CEO Dybwad enacted many necessary cost cutting measures following the crazy spending days of Jostein. In July 2016 he cancelled the agreement with Clydemont as of the end of that month. This was costing the company an incredible CHF 100,000 per month for Business Development from Jostein. Much of the business Jostein was developing at the time was actually for his own ventures outside of Alevo!!

In September 2016 he cancelled the consulting agreement with Ron Vigdor, someone who had helped out Jostein in the past. This consulting agreement was costing the business $250,000 per annum. 3 months’ notice was given. The clean-out was well underway, as Markus Alder would allude to in front of a judge in Norway in May 2017.

These services did come at a cost though, as from April 2016 his consulting company, PHD Perspectives Sàrl, was charging Alevo CHF 35,400 per month with a sign-on bonus of CHF 106,200 for his role as interim CEO. From November 2016 this went up to CHF 70,800 per month, in addition to the normal directorship fee of CHF 10,000 per month. This was signed off by his friend and fellow board member Eric Cameron and Jostein.

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