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In May 2016 Scott Schotter, Jostein Eikeland‘s longstanding associate, front man and helper for many of the problems Jostein gets himself into, appeared on He is described as:

An international expert in branding and sales strategies with an abiding passion for human health and the environment, Scott Schotter leads the overall marketing and public relations efforts for the entire Alevo team. With additional responsibilities for the organization’s sustainability initiatives, he carefully crafts and promotes the company’s triple bottom-line mission of serving people, honoring the planet and creating profit for re-investment. Schotter has served previously as CMO at Virtual Works and President of GP Networks, as well as the boards of numerous organizations including the WorldWatch Institute and the SafeLawns Foundation.

Scott Schotter at the Alevo launch

“In April 2017, Schotter, then marketing and sustainability officer, said Alevo was “on track to meet or exceed job-creation requirements” for the state grants.” Four months later the US entity filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

In 2014 Scott’s salary was $180,000 per year. In 2015 this was increased to $350,000.

Scott Schotter in a photo used to promote the short-lived Alevo Blog
Here is Scott Schotter promoting the short-lived Alevo Blog which ceased publication when the company started having real problems getting its manufacturing right.
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